Day of the Dead

day of the dead ed mcginnis

Wes Hunter has confronted mortality in its various forms. Blaming himself for the death of his brother and mourning his father, killed in an armed robbery, Hunter had plunged into a downward spiral, including a self-destructive involvement in criminal enterprises. Violent disputes with underworld figures led to multiple attempts on his life and two stints in prison. He survived, killing others in the process. Released from prison the former journalist penned two successful and critically acclaimed crime novels.Now Wes Hunter, reduced to writing obituaries in a newspaper building basement, struggles to complete his comeback novel, Dia de los Muertos ;“Day of the Dead”. But research for the novel takes a decidedly strange turn, leading Wes Hunter into the heart of a complex conspiracy involving influence peddling, blackmail and murder. It is a journey into darkness—and, ultimately, into the light of redemption and rebirth—that brings together an unlikely group of individuals linked by a single subject: muerte.

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