Summer Wind, Northern Lights

Devastating fires of unknown and unusual origin strike military bases and the production facilities of large American and European defense contractors. Intelligence sources tie the fires to an individual known only as ‘Jernigan’, about whom more rumor than hard information is available.

The sharpest minds, most talented and experienced operatives and most sophisticated software of Western intelligence agencies cannot determine who, exactly, Jernigan is. The handful of people on the other side of the law that might help answer that question meet with fiery, and fatal, ‘accidents’.

The primary role of the National Security Agency (NSA) is to listen; to intercept, decode and analyze communications of all sorts. Jeremiah T. Farrell, star of NSA’s murky Special Access Systems Group, is a man with extraordinary listening and surveillance abilities. J.T. Farrell’s particular talent involves a rare, powerful form of astral projection and/or remote viewing.

Farrell, driven by events in his own past, follows a seemingly insignificant fragment of evidence that leads to a surprising portal into Jernigan’s world, and plans. Farrell believes that Jernigan’s success involves a parapsychological component. He engineers an uneasy reunion–and a grudging cooperation–with his college lover Michaela Markopoulos, a psychologist and former FBI special agent, as well as a woman capable of processing DNA evidence of a very different sort.

While they initially have no conscious memory of the fact Farrell, Markopoulos and Jernigan were all participants in the Boundary Waters Project. BWP, one of the U.S. government’s most troubling and deeply buried secrets, was an ultimately disastrous study of unusual mental abilities: telepathy, clairvoyance, astral projection and psychokinesis.

Farrell and Michaela construct an elaborate, high-risk mousetrap to snare Jernigan; only they possess the unique qualifications necessary to spring that trap shut. One potentially fatal complication: their wily and dangerous prey is more than capable of turning the tables and springing that trap shut on them.

The pursuit of Jernigan and the quest to determine his or her motivation–and to stop the next, imminent, attack–leads to a high stakes mental, physical and extrasensory chess match. To a race against the clock and along a chilling back trail through professionally repressed and gradually recovered memories, into the strange history of the Boundary Waters Project.

That trail leads to the remnants of Summerwind, a long abandoned amusement park and campground in the remote Boundary Waters area of northern Minnesota. The park was the site of experiments involving unusually gifted, and unusually troubled, children. Experiments that prove the adage: what goes around comes around, often with unforeseen consequences.

Summer Wind, Northern Lights is both paranormal thriller and novel of psychological, and parapsychological, suspense, a story of love lost and love rediscovered. And, at its center, a novel about the vast capacity for both darkness and light that exists within the human heart and mind.

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