BLUE ROUTE Author Ed McGinnis Publishes Third Novel


With all of the emphasis on social media these days many writers, musicians and artists—as well as many small businesses and nonprofit organizations—lose sight of the value and effectiveness of old school and local media. In my case, I think I’ve sold more books, gained more readers and met more people through mentions in area newspapers than from any other source. I’m very grateful to those news outlets for their generous support of local authors.

Local Outlets Not To Be Ignored

Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, other social media, blogs: all can be very helpful at getting the word out about writers and books. But don’t neglect those local and community newspapers, local libraries and cable access channels. They may not be trendy or glamorous marketing options but they do offer, as I’ve discovered, surprisingly large and loyal followings, a fact that can often translate into very positive results and serve to connect writers and readers.

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